Handmade and unique


The idea of having a dress sewn and designed especially for you would warm the heart of any bride. However not many go to such troubles, because then like me, they would need to spend their work lunchbreaks, after work and before work hours at the tailor’s. Being hands on with the fabric, length, material, style and beads designs is definetly fun-but boy is it time consuming! Luckily the tailor was a good family friend, and she was very friendly with myself (Bridezilla) and patient. She shared my vision of stearing away from tradional, typical hoolahooped dresses that looked more like a rain tent. A few hours and 10 magazines later, we managed to communicate the vision for THE DRESS. It was to be white, lights, strapless, tight in the waist and flowly from the bottom. Sleek and classical. Comfortable and manageble. I’ve heard stories of brides who fainted because corsets were too tight, threw tantrums because they were unable to go to the toilet without assistance and who generally grew tired under the weight of their dress. I did not wish to remember my wedding day as such. I wanted to be able to walk, and dance, and jump and enjoy my own wedding-hence THE DRESS had to be fitted to those requirements. I found it accidently, in a casual evening dresses shop, it was hanging under a plastic cover, simple, white, strapless and just pefect for me. It fit me perfectly and we got it right away. A few weeks spend on it working the tailors magic, sewing in a coret, fluffing thebotoom part, installing layers and nets, resewing it because I lost weight due to wedding stress-and it was comleted. THE DRESS was ready.

How the dress came to be…


A typical, classy, modern Uzbek groom. A strict suite, no flowers, no flashy colours. Traditional and modest.

A typical Uzbek styled dresses and a typical “modern” Uzbek bride. Gorgeous.

Photoes by Alisher Irismetov, my wedding photographer.

Every girl dreams about having the perfect wedding dress.
Although the idea of “perfect” is highly indivudal and bound to include the most controversial of choices. Most wedding dresses in Uzbekistan are very traditional: a puffy white dress, often strapless and hoolahooped at the bottom. These dresses are certainly beautiful and are available in a range of fashions; with rose petals scattered at the bottom, with golden glittered stuck all over, with gems and cristals on the corset or another typical design is huge sparkly stones all over.

Over the years a few exceptionally good wedding dress salons have become available where prices range (for rent) from 300 to 1500 dollars. As for purchase, prices range from 1000 dollars to infinity πŸ™‚

I began the wedding dress research 5 weeks before the wedding, a great friend of mine, Lyu has kindly offered to visit a salon with me and patienty nodded or shook her head at each dress. My husband drove us there and waited patiently for 45 minutes as i sneaked in to try them on πŸ™‚

Most available dresses were creamy in colour, which made them look quite dirty in day light, and the white ones looked like someone accidenty dropped a gallon of glittered all over them.

I tried on three dresses and fell in love with one. It was sleek, it was comfortable, and i could even see the ground when i looked down πŸ™‚ It was not poofy, and hence i didnt look like a snowball in it, it didnt have a single gem/cristal/glitter particle on it and that made me ever so happy. The price for the purchase of that dress was 1.200 dollars, way out of our budget, hence I had to find other ways to get the dress of my dreams.

There was also the issue of not wanting to rent the dress, because I consider it to be an item of too much importance which cannot later be passed on to god knows who to be worn on their wedding day. I wanted it to hang in my closet and get dusty instead πŸ™‚

These are some dress styles that I had in mind…