How we overcame my husbands decision to have a “mountain wedding”

My husband posseses and almost abnormal love for the mountains in Uzbekistan(will post pix!). He recently learned to ski, has been camping since he was a toddler and in the future plans to get the hang on rock climbing (yey for me!) It was only natural that the only idea he would find credible and logical was to have a wild, spontaneous wedding-in the mountains. And although I do not fail to see the romantic side in having barbecues, open air dances and a bride covered in mosquito bites; i was heavily against the idea. It took a couple of weeks to persuade a biker husband that perhaps getting 20 bikes to travel (1.5 hours!) to the mountains right after the church ceremony-is somewhat irrational. His idea composed a bus full of our relatives (his grandmother is 83 and my grandmother has dangerously high blood pressure) getting to Chimgan mountains, setting up a heavily meaty table (barbeques;steaks and what-nots), partying till the damn and then either spending the nights at a questionable hotel or in a tent. Great idea huh? Weeks and numerous pro-and-cons lists later we established that perhaps this wasnt the best idea, and instead we could go to the mountains a few days after our tradional/white/classical/buffet/orhestra/city hall wedding and really and truly enjoy it 🙂 (which we did do!)