Day 51. Warning… This is a girly post. Recommended for those Testosterone-free only.


“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.” Or strategically placed on my shoe rack…
Women and their shoes have enjoyed a tangled relationship too intimate to be understood by the common folk. A poll of 1,057 women by the Consumer Reports National Research Center for shopping magazine found U.S. women on average own 19 pairs of shoes although they only wear four pairs regularly while 15 percent have over 30 pairs. I don’t know how other nations would measure up, but I ultimately blame consumerism and the sharks of marketing and advertising for this boom. On the other hand, the shoe you spend 10 hours of your day in, needs to be comfortable, fashionable and perfectly matched. Bless Sex and The City for showing us all that is it indeed ok to give into the shopaholic cravings. We (us shoe addicts) own work shoes, casual shoes, weekend shoes…or we wonder in other direction shameless feeding our addiction to black-high-heeled peep-toes (yes I am talking about you, Cynthia).

Ideally the modern woman needs to own the following 10 pairs of shoes (I hear my husband gasp here…):

1. The shoes to go with a little black dress. A low-heeled, comfortable black pump is essential to every woman’s shoe collection for all those times when a strappy sandal or overly-glamorous shoe is inappropriate or too dressy, like an early dinner; an impromptu business meeting; or even a funeral. (!!!)

2. The “New Black” – Neutral Pumps. Even with as versatile as black pumps are, they simply will not go with everything. Add a neutral colored (not white) pump to your collection, and you’ll have the “basic pump” category of women’s shoes covered.

3. A Semi-Casual Flat (as essential as hand wipes and lip-gloss) You’ll want a shoe that can look cute with jeans, but not so casual that you couldn’t wear nicer slacks with it too.

4. A Black High Heeled shoe: (for a cocktail reception or a less formal get-together) Nothing too strappy, nothing too trendy — remember these are the basics — but a black, dressy high heel is definitely an essential.

5. The glitzy-shiny-wow-factor-shoe (for your friend’s wedding reception): There are some special occasion outfits that won’t work well with black shoes. For those, try a metallic killer evening shoe…even if rhinestones are out of your comfort zone.

6. The Everyday Shoe (for when you realize you are out of milk…) Only you can be the judge of what will work best as your “every day” shoe, but whether it’s a sneaker, a loafer or a flip-flop; comfort, fit and style should be key in choosing the right shoes for your everyday wear.

7. The Sneaker. Because some Sketchers are too darn cute not to own.

8. Heeled Booties. You are time and imagination deprived, but it is critical to make an impression? Nothing can dress up a casual outfit and make you feel better about yourself, like adding a bit of height. It doesn’t matter how high or low the heel is, it’s just about getting out of flats for a bit.

9. Knee High Boots. No introduction or explanation needed.

10. Warm/cuddly/fuzzy- the home slippers. Everyone ones these, they are the perfect protection between your recently showered foot and that cold marble floor.
So come out of the closet…How many of these do you have?

The perfect pair of shoes can change your live…just ask Cinderella.

You can never have enough shoes…


…Especially on your wedding day! Finding the perfect shoes to go with the creamy white dress took a while. Tashkent has a serious deficiency of shoes, especially white ones. Black ones are not a problem, in every shape and size or design. I guess the wedding season was to blame. August and September are wedding seasons in Uzbekistan, as everyone prepares to hold the ceremony before the holy month of Ramadhan, or right after it.
With what seemed like half the city getting married, it was difficult to find a decent looking pair of shoes. And oh I wanted them to be comfortable. I wanted them to be fliplops or sneakers-but I never had that luxury.
I went shoe shopping with my mother in law, who insisted I buy two pairs after I found a pair of peep-toe evening beauties. Apparently, it is not acceptable to wear a peep toe during the church and the state registration ceremony. According to “tradition” your “luck” can leak out of your shoes, if they are open. So we bought the dazzling peep toes for the evening ceremony in the restaurant, and we bough basic white wedding shoes for the formal part of the ceremony. To this day I am greatefull for my luck. If I did not have a second pair of shoes to change into I would have spend half of my wedding barefoot, as the strap on the highheels snapped I ran barefoot to the hotel room to change into my peep toes 🙂 I’ve still got both pairs stored away in my wardrobe, they are too special to be worn again.

My Cynthia is helping me stay calm, balanced and sane. Those are the shoes I wore to the city hall.

Another great pictures of my dress and my shoes: