Day 56 & 57. An update and the rest

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Although there are no news about the condition of my friend, the absence of news is almost good news. If he was getting worse, or if his future was uncertain- I am hoping those close to him would let us know. I think about him everyday and pray for his recovery before I drift off to sleep. Somewhere miles away, he is lying in his hospital bed, and slowly getting better- I hope. I set up a group on Facebook, so that those in possession of any kind of updates may notify us immediately. So far 40 people are onboard, but the news are coming in remotely and don’t differ greatly.

I am not up for blog posts, I lack motivation and feel very guilty for trying to write something positive or even remotely happy. The bad news from last week shook me up pretty bad.The hubby and I did however go to a camping trip over the weekend, and enjoyed one of the most beautiful bays in Oman, as well as great company. The trip got my mind off the situation a little, although I was quieter and more anti-social than usual. We were with a group of people most of which I have not met before so I sat back and observed, soaking in the sun and the uniqueness of those around me.

I will combine a few days from Project 365 below, I am already on day 80 today but on this blog I only managed to catch up to 56. Shame on me. I am just not up for explaining my love for sushi, or the man below. I am a junkie for both. However they are uncombinable. I cannot explain it. I am worried and scared for my classmate. I am also slightly exhausted. So please enjoy my defeat, bask in my lack of creativity:

Day 57. Alex offroad in Yeti.

Day 56. Me and sushi have a passionate affair.

Day 55.


A few moments ago I found out that a dear friend of mine is in desperate need for prayers and goodwill. He has had a car accident, a serious collision in which one person died on the scene. My friend is in intensive care and in a very bad condition. Therefore this post will be solemnly dedicated to him. Darling, please get better. You are young, full of potential and you have your whole life ahead of you. Please show the same level of determination as you always did in life, please hang with all your might and please don’t go anywhere…

I cannot do much, you are in Georgia somewhere, and if I could I would be there, along with the other 100 people who are worrying themselves sick and praying so hard that God has no choice but to hear us. So I am going just going to pray out of belief and partially out of helplessness, I am going to pray very hard for your recovery.

The picture below is for you. I want you to be able to look up and see this beautiful sky within a few days time, a week tops. And I will not even consider any other options. Got it?

I am waiting for good news. Get well. Love. Olga.

Clutter International Ltd. or Day 54


How typical of me to disappear after writing a post on inspirations. FAIL. Oh well moving on now, below is picture of the day number 54. Close to giving up and absolutely out of ideas, I suggested to Yuliya (also doing project 365) to take a picture of the inside of our bags. Girly. Her picture can be found HERE But there is a good explanation for all of this. What women carry in their bags has boggled the minds of mankind over the centuries. It is perceived as the modern Pandora’s Box. And since most do not have the decency (or should i say…guts?) to peek in, I decided to reveal all. The contents of “the bag” change over the years. When I was 17 and working in Mango as Merchandiser and Window Display Manager I used to carry everything from staplers to rolls of wire in my bag. It would typically weight 4-6 kgs, on a daily basis. Now when I am 22, and the job is calmer and the hours are predictable I only have the following in my bag:
1. Foundation
2. Concealed
3. Lip gloss
4. Mascara
5. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
6. My Canon Camera
7. Flash card
8. My keys
9. My supermarket key tag (yey discounts!)
10. My wallet
11. A few pens
12. Whatever my brother drops in there (Pokémon and pirates included)
13. Candy
This is a fairly modest list and after taking this picture I realized a few essentials such as band aids, Panadol, tissues, sunglasses, hairbrush, perfume,pins and bands and my phones are missing!!! Hence since, my bag has gained another 0.5 in weight. This may look like absolute clutter to you, but trust me- the “items”are in absolute harmony in there.
To us girls, these tresures are absolutely vital on a daily basis. I could never go out without my bag, I tried once, and ended up with pocketfulls of telephones, cards, cash and make up. Not practical.

The rattle does embarrass me a little, especially once when walking to my car and digging in the for the car keys, balancing the bag on one knee, elbow-deep in it with both hands… something fell out, and later got picked up by my colleague, who caught up with me and cringed…”you dropped your Pokemon” he said…

Day 53. My inspirations


I am very lucky to work in an architecturally brilliant property. Although I spend 95% of my time behind the desk at my computer, the moment I step out to the grounds of the hotel the magnificence of it hits me like a blast of cool air. And I am inspired. The contemporary contours, the rich fabrics, the sparkling chandeliers all buzz through my veins like a much needed dose of Redbull. I am a junkie for all things beautiful. To some extent, I am also easily distracted and terribly forgetful. There, now all my cards are right out there on the table- please feel free to use them against me. The good news is that with the help of vitamins, modern gadgets and a few god-sent people in my life I am successfully combating these waves of “I am sure I am not easily distra…oh look a Bunny!!!”. There are also days when my brain would be perfectly content with achieving one (!!!) critical task and after it will happily hibernate for the next 24 hours. I have managed to keep these personality disorders well away from my work-Olga-persona, because work-Olga and casual-Olga are the very different people. Sometimes I think I am overwhelmed, and that’s when I start feeling sorry for myself and….hibernate. These moods are deadly-especially with project 365 running non-stop. I cannot afford to slack off; I can’t allow myself to procrastinate. Over the years of this patterned and predictable behavior I have learned to effectively recharge my batteries, so below are just a few of the things that inspire me to get off my butt and do what it is that I have set out to accomplish:

When I cannot achieve anything at home I go to this helpful website:

When I need to write a blog post because I have been slacking-off this amazing, inspirational, full-of-great-ideas blog Want What You Have:
To be inspired to pick up my camera and carry on with Project-365 I visit Kara:
When I need guidance, spiritual healing or an ice cream companion this woman helps me:
To heal bad-spelling days and blonde moments:
To put into words the rage, attitude and sarcasm bubbling under my skin I go HERE:
To cool down and distress after a particularly challenging day at work:
After being surrounded by difficult, screaming kids that make me doubt the essence of motherhood this loving mother/family puts things in perspective:
When the challenges of womanhood overwhelm me, this legendary woman inspires me:

When I  get wrapped up in being a grown up and forget what “fun” is all about:

The End. Inspired Yet?

Day 52


I love this quote from “The Big Bang Theory” series:
Penny: I’m a Sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know.
Sheldon: Yes, it tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the Sun’s apparent position relevant to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality.
Penny: Participate in the what?
Much like Penny I too participate in the mass cultural delusion…what I am trying to say is…I read horoscopes and see the strong link between personality traits that certain star signs share. I am vaguely familiar with the colorful personalities of Leo’s, I know how to get along with Cancers, I can tip-toe around the difficult relationships with Scorpio’s and I am married to a Sagittarius- so that’s a piece of cake.
I personally think it’s a good idea to find out star signs when you make new acquaintances; it paints a very accurate picture from an early stage. Of course everyone is different and will not be subject to the astrological stereotype- but the key traits are right at the surface.
Much like psychology, astrology allows you to predict behavior and in turn avoid unpleasant situations or even fall-outs. I am hence completely justifying the “ants in the pants” or the immaculate oblivion to “sitting still”. As a typical Sagittarius man, I know that Alex loves to travel. He needs a house with a view, an open field with mountain ranges in the background. He would agree that “half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness.” This star is obsessed with learning and exploring, living an active lifestyle and contagiously spreading the travelling bug. Zodiac and considers every day an opportunity for another adventure. This is a cheerful, spontaneous, and idealistic individual with an exceptional sense of humor.
This restless Sagittarius spirit in Alex is the exact reason he has been recently complaining about the lack of scenery in Oman so much. Muscat can give anyone Groundhog Day Anxiety, its days of sunlight back to back. Rain and snow would definitely spice things up around here a little. That’s how I know that while we are here, we will be doing a lot of travelling. I have gotten used to the backpack-life-routine since we were first met. The continuous trips to the mountains, hiking, camping…ah, that was the beautiful life 
Travelling is a great way to become a more flexible, open minded and generally-interesting person. Patriotism works for many, but I cannot comprehend how a person can be satisfied with just being tied down to one country his entire life. My half Uzbek-half Omani geographical upbringing also meant I got to travel around a lot during the holidays with my parents; Lebanon and Paris were the highlights of these vacations. I am looking forward to doing some extensive travelling with my own family in the future; I know I will not be disappointed.
In three weeks time I will be heading back home to Tashkent, for just two weeks. I am already having the heebie-jeebies…

Day 51. Warning… This is a girly post. Recommended for those Testosterone-free only.


“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.” Or strategically placed on my shoe rack…
Women and their shoes have enjoyed a tangled relationship too intimate to be understood by the common folk. A poll of 1,057 women by the Consumer Reports National Research Center for shopping magazine found U.S. women on average own 19 pairs of shoes although they only wear four pairs regularly while 15 percent have over 30 pairs. I don’t know how other nations would measure up, but I ultimately blame consumerism and the sharks of marketing and advertising for this boom. On the other hand, the shoe you spend 10 hours of your day in, needs to be comfortable, fashionable and perfectly matched. Bless Sex and The City for showing us all that is it indeed ok to give into the shopaholic cravings. We (us shoe addicts) own work shoes, casual shoes, weekend shoes…or we wonder in other direction shameless feeding our addiction to black-high-heeled peep-toes (yes I am talking about you, Cynthia).

Ideally the modern woman needs to own the following 10 pairs of shoes (I hear my husband gasp here…):

1. The shoes to go with a little black dress. A low-heeled, comfortable black pump is essential to every woman’s shoe collection for all those times when a strappy sandal or overly-glamorous shoe is inappropriate or too dressy, like an early dinner; an impromptu business meeting; or even a funeral. (!!!)

2. The “New Black” – Neutral Pumps. Even with as versatile as black pumps are, they simply will not go with everything. Add a neutral colored (not white) pump to your collection, and you’ll have the “basic pump” category of women’s shoes covered.

3. A Semi-Casual Flat (as essential as hand wipes and lip-gloss) You’ll want a shoe that can look cute with jeans, but not so casual that you couldn’t wear nicer slacks with it too.

4. A Black High Heeled shoe: (for a cocktail reception or a less formal get-together) Nothing too strappy, nothing too trendy — remember these are the basics — but a black, dressy high heel is definitely an essential.

5. The glitzy-shiny-wow-factor-shoe (for your friend’s wedding reception): There are some special occasion outfits that won’t work well with black shoes. For those, try a metallic killer evening shoe…even if rhinestones are out of your comfort zone.

6. The Everyday Shoe (for when you realize you are out of milk…) Only you can be the judge of what will work best as your “every day” shoe, but whether it’s a sneaker, a loafer or a flip-flop; comfort, fit and style should be key in choosing the right shoes for your everyday wear.

7. The Sneaker. Because some Sketchers are too darn cute not to own.

8. Heeled Booties. You are time and imagination deprived, but it is critical to make an impression? Nothing can dress up a casual outfit and make you feel better about yourself, like adding a bit of height. It doesn’t matter how high or low the heel is, it’s just about getting out of flats for a bit.

9. Knee High Boots. No introduction or explanation needed.

10. Warm/cuddly/fuzzy- the home slippers. Everyone ones these, they are the perfect protection between your recently showered foot and that cold marble floor.
So come out of the closet…How many of these do you have?

The perfect pair of shoes can change your live…just ask Cinderella.

Day 50. She would have inspired even Dr. Seuss

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If you have ever watched “Horton Hears a Who” then you are without a doubt familiar with the yellow ball of fuzzy fluff by the name of Katie. The most memorable moment of the entire cartoon is when Katie says: “In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.” I have a Katie. Her name is Lyu and she is one of my closest friends. She is the kind of person that lights up an entire room by just walking into it. She is a muse, an inspiration and a rainbow of everything good in this world. I met Lyu in university, from the first week and to this momment she brightened my life with her huge,magical blue eyes and her ways- which are unique and splendid. She astonishes me with her fantastic fashion sense and her grace. I don’t think she knows how special she is to me, I was too busy being astonished by her to tell her how loved she is.Without a doubt she is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I hope you all enjoy her guest post below, I have to share her…she is too remarkable to be kept to myself.

The Unrivaled Treasures
Since so many of my dearest people are far away from me in different corners of the world, the simplest things that somewhat relate to them gain a unique value. Thus, behold the unrivaled and incomparable… See More treasures that I own! These things, which may seem useless to some, remind me of so many dear moments more valuable than chests of gold and diamonds! So, everyone who knows what I am talking about, I am sharing my treasures with you and that you for making me so rich!

With love. Lyu.

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