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I’ve recently been approached by the editor of The Woman magazine in Oman and asked to write an article on Pinterest for the June edition. Since the magazine has already hit the shelves I thought I would share this online too! I first wrote about pinterest a while back but it’s a good topic to revisit since it has absolutely engulfed me recently!

Here is the article:

Many of us have flipped through magazines and came to find quotes that inspire us, images of places we wish to travel to or clothes we wish to purchase. Often these eyecandy shots are carefully cut out and saved in a notebook or hung on a wall for all to see. Others take it further and create pin boards or entire mind maps of images that are motivating, delicious and even sacred.

This scrapbooking practice has been taken a step further and is now widely available on the internet in the form of an absolutely addictive website- Pinterest. In an age when everyone is ‘on line’ creating a pin board that allows users to pin likeable images on the internet has become inevitable and even crucial. If you are one of those people who constantly save images found online in various folders on your computer in havoc and complete randomness then Pinterest might just be your savior.

The charm of the website is in its simple user friendly design and the straightforward purpose- to gather ideas and images. Every saved image has a link that takes you back to the website where it was found whether it’s a recipe or a DIY holiday project. The ability attribute images to dedicated boards helps users to keep their images classified and organized under different topics such as “Projects”, “Wardrobe” or “Quotations”. Other users can be invited to a board once it has been created which is a neat idea if you are looking for your friends help you plan a party or for other to contribute to your collection of pictures. Moreover the Pinterest account can be linked to a Facebook account or a Twitter around for all to see what you have been pinning!

Pinterest is a helpful tool for those:

Redecorating their home: your home is a blank canvas that is awaiting for you to fill it with tidbits, colors and patterns that reflect your personality to the core. To find inspiration to decorate and advice on “how” simply create a board and pin the images that catch your eyes. These can be anything from wallpaper patters to the dishwasher you wish to have. Seeing all these images on the monitor in front of you will give you a fairly good idea of what works and what doesn’t, which colors you should avoid and which textiles will go perfectly with the ambiance. This tool works for both, homes that are currently being decorated and those that for now are mere products of the imagination.

Planning a wedding: the bride and the groom can save themselves many hours of browsing and negotiating by creating a shared pinboard filled with their ideas and favorite images. Inspirations for bridal bouquets or wedding photography which can be later referred to make this magical day absolutely perfect. Moreover, Pinterest allows users to leave comments below each image so family and friends can advise the couple on their choices of venues, decorations, cakes, flowers and clothing.

Venturing on an adventure: there is nothing more pleasant than day dreaming of a vacation you may soon embark on. If the destination has already been decided on go ahead and create a board unto which you can save all the places you wish to see, the cuisine you would like to try, the activities you mustn’t miss out on and the people you wish to meet! Whether it’s a romantic sunset set on the beach, an elephant ride or a tantalizing pastry – save each image to make sure you don’t miss out on what you wanted to try!

Putting together a new wardrobe: cutting out that cute dress and carrying the crammed image in your walled while you go shopping is no longer necessary! Pinterest can help you put together entire outfits for separate occasions! Create a board and make it “My Style” and pin away the skirts, heels, bags and scarves that you wish to someone become the proud owner of! Take it a step further and collect images of hairstyles and make up trends that are hot and happening to make sure you are always looking your best!

There are countless other ways Pinterest can be used and enjoyed, I have personally used it to help me plan my babyshower, to collect recipes of canapés, to fantasize about my dream home and to put together my perfect “imaginery” wardrobe. Everyone will find something on Pinterest that they will enjoy- go on and give it a try! A picture is worth a thousand words but a pinned picture will save you a thousand words!

12 hours in the life of Alisa…Part 1 & 2

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I’ve been wanting to document Alisa’s daily routine for a while now. Somehow the routine always gets in the way of me doing so. I am thrilled I finally found the time to do this…I am obsessed with remembering every single detail and each moment that takes my breath away. This is what her schedule is like now at 4 months old.

Enjoy her story…

It’s time to wake up! I heard the birds are up! What’s that mommy? It’s a weekend? You would like to sleep a little longer? But mommy the birds are up!!!

I’ve been tricked into getting more sleep! How could I resist when I got to snooze next to daddy??? My sock however wondered off…

Fancy a snack? I like to have something in between all the milk mommy makes me drink, I call this my “vegetable patch”! Butternut squash…yum….my favourite!

Now that I’ve eaten its time to play with my favourite toy “The Monkey”. I’ve grown very attached to her mostly because we have the same ginger hair color and also because of her huge smile…which I love to copy! And look mommy found my sock!!!

Nap time is rolling around so mommy makes me a bottle of yummy milk. I’ve developed a habbit of eating in my sleep…Sleep tight now!

Changed, fed and down for my afternoon nap. Whenever I have my hand in a fist mommy knows I am sleepy…

Well that was a quick nap! My cat nap! Before they even knew it I was up and ready to play! Dress me in a pretty dress and take me out for lunch somewhere fancy!

Here I am sitting in my car seat, looking around, mommy is having a Ceasar salad and daddy is eating a hamburger but all I got was my milk again! One of these days I will definetly sneak a taste! I bet it will taste good!

Looking at everyone around me enjoying their lunch completely tired me out, mommy rocked my pushchair back and forth and some fifteen minutes later I started to snooze. Might as well take a little nap, it doesn’t seem like we are going home anytime soon!

My evening snacks, I like to have a little something light right before I have my evening formula! Today I enjoyed a mango and banana blend and washed it down with some camomile tea! I am a big fan of eating healthy! In just an hour I will be taking my bath and then its bedtime!

Eat, Sleep, Play repeat…

We don’t have a baby. It’s pretty obvious that the baby has us!

These days…

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Happiness is…

The “accidental” perfect finishing touch to the shelf arrangement

For laughs

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Just some pix I’ve been collecting on Pinterest and wanted to share with you this morning:

And this one is for those of you who loath mornings (hopefully it will help):

Project 365- Day 1!


Today I have finally found some time to post pictures of the last few days for my 365 day project! I have definetly started off lazily, and I am hoping that this feeling will dissapear after a few days, when the excitement catches on!

Well here goes the first picture:

God created boys, full of spirit and fun to explore and conquer, to romp and run.

This was taken during a cruise to see dolphins during my birthday. And this is my 6 and 3/4 years old (I swear, that what he sais!!!) brother. The boat was going 120 km/h and he fearlessly stuck his hand out to “high 5″the waves. Isn’t he just the most fearless 6 and 3/4 years old you have ever seen?

Marriage ain’t (a walk in the park)


Customs aside, it is seen as the respectfull thing to do after you have been registered by the city council to visit monuments and places of importance, as husband and wife. Originally our destionatons were the earthquake monument, the catholic church, and my university. The first location made the list because we both felt the need to pay respect for our city and its citizens, and also because not a single marriage in Tashkent goes by without visiting this site. It also helps that it continues to become a gorgeous park with pines, waterfalls and picturesque landscapes. So there I was tropping on the bright green grass in my sparkling white dress. The girls later helped me pick out leaves and pines cones that got entagled in the massive layers of net and material. It was however totally worth it as the most gorgeous wedding pictures were shot there:

We continued on to the catholic church, its sharp profile against the blurry city has always beckoned me, and although I am not catholic I was drawn to this building. An atypicall location, it has proved to be a great place to shoot the most romantic and yet gothic pictures of the day. A website later quoted that after the pictures we had there, the brides of Tashkent are sure to put the catholic church on their “places-must-go-to” wedding list. And they wouldn’t be wrong…

The challenges of last minute deeds

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Finding a great photographer and a great camera man is the main challenge of any wedding. Most of the photographers whom we contacted were already booked for the date of our wedding, or were way out of our price league. There were a few extraordiary ones, who didn’t just shoot a scene-they captured emotions. Luckily, we found our photographer just three weeks away from the wedding. He did not work for a particular studio, neither did he charge a lot. But he was a genious. Kindly inviting us to his home, he shared his portfolio and his vision of our wedding. He was very excited to be involved in a biker wedding, and spontaneously blurted out idea for different scenes and themes we could endulge in. He made us excited about our wedding like no one before 🙂 Ofcourse, my dear fiance tried to turn the photo shoot into something extraordinary with a sunrise in the mountains and a bride surrounded by 50 bikes. For better or for worse, we scaled it down. Alisher (the photographer) was quiet surprised that we tried to cram in one day, both city hall reception and church ceremony- that would mean he would be working a 16 hour day. Starting from 8:00 he would need to arrive at the groom’s house to take a few pictures of him with his parents, then come to my house to take pictures of my-still-white wedding dress, and then take it from then onwards until the wedding wrapped up around midnight.

Here are the pictures he won us over with: