On second thought…


Because we all have moments like these:


♥ I love you blah blah hearts and flowers yadda yadda cupid etc ♥


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Although we are still in abundant disbelief to the theft of our Honda and are suffering an identity crisis of immense magnitude- we have each other this Valentine’s Day and it’s all that counts. I have mixed feelings towards Valentine’s Day and although I always pretend not to celebrate it, I end up making a big deal out of it every year.

This is the forth Valentine’s Day we are spending together as a couple and our second one in marriage. We have what I like to call “The love that moves the sun and other stars”. We have been through more challenges and fights than I can dare to count, moved mountains and crossed oceans (quite literally) to get to where are now. In the meantime we are constantly taking deep breaths and finding compromises. Being the proud and strong headed individuals that we are- agreeing on the smallest things is a daily challenge. Against all odds the bigger picture is turning out “picture-perfect” and I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have him as my husband.

So thank you for the small things like making my coffee this morning, taking me out for sushi although you can’t stand the sight of it, for understanding why I need 6 pairs of identical black shoes, for taking the cat to the vet when I was pre-occupied with work, for being patient with me after I come back cranky from a 12 hour shift, for tip toeing around me when you need to wake up at 6 am, for making my brother pancakes when he sleeps over, for helping me find and then figure out the remote control, for watching “Ghost Whisperer” with me and for acknowledging my love for “Lays Salt and Vinegar Chips” and never forgetting to buy them.
And thank you for the universal things that come naturally to you like the respect you show to me and my family, the responsibility that you carry on your shoulders daily, for the eagerness to turn our house into a home and start a family, for having a solid vision of what the future must hold for us, for following your dreams and entwining them with mine, for always putting our family first, for not being afraid of challenges, for reassuring me in times of uncertainty and for tolerating my frequent emotional outbreaks.

I love you and I am so thankful for having you in my life.