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In an attempt to go “social-media-friendly” all the way…I have created a blog for USF Store!

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Almost famous


Keeping my identity anonymous was never really considered as an option when I began writing this blog. I was then following just one blog that was dedicated to home management/financial savings and frugality and I still follow that blog to this day, find it here. I remain a dedicated reader because I am able to relate to this real family and it always helps to put a face to a blog. Then about a year and a half ago I was introduced to the blogosphere in Oman-where most of the bloggers prefer to remain anon. That is understandable since most of the topics often cover both political and national views of the bloggers- maybe they feel safer not disclosing their true identities. (Muscat Confidential, Linoleum Surfer, Muscat Mutterings, The Omani Brit, Is This Serious, Angry in Oman).
This blog is quite different. Since we have a lot of relatives and friends abroad, keeping a blog for them to follow made a lot of sense for us. It’s a family affair really. That is why you will rarely be treated to my opinions on Omanization, the glorious ruling of HM or even to a discussion over religion. Now, keeping that in mind I must say that Alex is also a very private person and he often reminds me not to put anything too revealing on this blog. So, finding the balance is often hard to do.
I need to give this blog huge credit for helping me communicate to (what seemed to be the whole of Oman) the masses that our Honda XR was stolen earlier this year. Up to date we are still approached and asked if we have found the bike yet ( the answer is sadly, no).
Just last week we were attending a house party and were introduced to a crowd of expats we have never met when one of the men said “You are Alex aren’t you? The one who’s bike was stolen”. Turns out he reads the blog and recognized Alex from one of the pictures. And this is not the first time this happens. More than once when being introduced to someone I am baffled to hear “Yes, I know, you are Olga, I read your blog”. It’s seriously flattering but catches me off guard everytime. The exposure this blog has seriously surprises me at times because even though I know it’s out there for the world to read- I am still surprised that people actually do!  
So here is my questions: Dear fellow bloggers who keep us guessing- why did you choose to operate anon?