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I’ve recently been approached by the editor of The Woman magazine in Oman and asked to write an article on Pinterest for the June edition. Since the magazine has already hit the shelves I thought I would share this online too! I first wrote about pinterest a while back but it’s a good topic to revisit since it has absolutely engulfed me recently!

Here is the article:

Many of us have flipped through magazines and came to find quotes that inspire us, images of places we wish to travel to or clothes we wish to purchase. Often these eyecandy shots are carefully cut out and saved in a notebook or hung on a wall for all to see. Others take it further and create pin boards or entire mind maps of images that are motivating, delicious and even sacred.

This scrapbooking practice has been taken a step further and is now widely available on the internet in the form of an absolutely addictive website- Pinterest. In an age when everyone is ‘on line’ creating a pin board that allows users to pin likeable images on the internet has become inevitable and even crucial. If you are one of those people who constantly save images found online in various folders on your computer in havoc and complete randomness then Pinterest might just be your savior.

The charm of the website is in its simple user friendly design and the straightforward purpose- to gather ideas and images. Every saved image has a link that takes you back to the website where it was found whether it’s a recipe or a DIY holiday project. The ability attribute images to dedicated boards helps users to keep their images classified and organized under different topics such as “Projects”, “Wardrobe” or “Quotations”. Other users can be invited to a board once it has been created which is a neat idea if you are looking for your friends help you plan a party or for other to contribute to your collection of pictures. Moreover the Pinterest account can be linked to a Facebook account or a Twitter around for all to see what you have been pinning!

Pinterest is a helpful tool for those:

Redecorating their home: your home is a blank canvas that is awaiting for you to fill it with tidbits, colors and patterns that reflect your personality to the core. To find inspiration to decorate and advice on “how” simply create a board and pin the images that catch your eyes. These can be anything from wallpaper patters to the dishwasher you wish to have. Seeing all these images on the monitor in front of you will give you a fairly good idea of what works and what doesn’t, which colors you should avoid and which textiles will go perfectly with the ambiance. This tool works for both, homes that are currently being decorated and those that for now are mere products of the imagination.

Planning a wedding: the bride and the groom can save themselves many hours of browsing and negotiating by creating a shared pinboard filled with their ideas and favorite images. Inspirations for bridal bouquets or wedding photography which can be later referred to make this magical day absolutely perfect. Moreover, Pinterest allows users to leave comments below each image so family and friends can advise the couple on their choices of venues, decorations, cakes, flowers and clothing.

Venturing on an adventure: there is nothing more pleasant than day dreaming of a vacation you may soon embark on. If the destination has already been decided on go ahead and create a board unto which you can save all the places you wish to see, the cuisine you would like to try, the activities you mustn’t miss out on and the people you wish to meet! Whether it’s a romantic sunset set on the beach, an elephant ride or a tantalizing pastry – save each image to make sure you don’t miss out on what you wanted to try!

Putting together a new wardrobe: cutting out that cute dress and carrying the crammed image in your walled while you go shopping is no longer necessary! Pinterest can help you put together entire outfits for separate occasions! Create a board and make it “My Style” and pin away the skirts, heels, bags and scarves that you wish to someone become the proud owner of! Take it a step further and collect images of hairstyles and make up trends that are hot and happening to make sure you are always looking your best!

There are countless other ways Pinterest can be used and enjoyed, I have personally used it to help me plan my babyshower, to collect recipes of canapés, to fantasize about my dream home and to put together my perfect “imaginery” wardrobe. Everyone will find something on Pinterest that they will enjoy- go on and give it a try! A picture is worth a thousand words but a pinned picture will save you a thousand words!

For laughs

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Just some pix I’ve been collecting on Pinterest and wanted to share with you this morning:

And this one is for those of you who loath mornings (hopefully it will help):

Dear Citizens of Pleasantville

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Today after work I suggest you abandon plans to head home and flop in front of the entertainment box and hurry instead to an art exhibition that showcases young local talants:

And whilst you are feeling uppity and inspirited also check out this funky photography exhibition…

The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do? ~Pablo Picasso

You say there is nothing to do in Muscat? I say boo-yaaa


I am sick, sick, sick of people whining about the lack of entertainment in Muscat. And when I am not sick I am tired. I am sick and tired of the moans, groans, sights, blank expressions and of the whimpering. I would like to argue that the problem does not lie in the lack of activities but rather in the poor coverage and communication of these events to the general public. Look around you, open a newspaper, and check the Events section on Facebook or even call a friend! Every week there are concerts, shows, exhibitions, workshops, garage sales, classes and even educational wine evenings taking place!
I’ve had a culturally diverse couple of weeks. Let me rephrase that, I have been surviving on sugar sticks and red bull the entire month. I have been trotting around town, adoring paintings worth a fortune and even broadening my understanding of Baroque music.
It all started with my eagerness to visit the International Book Fair which was held in the Exhibition Center at the end of February. Rumor has it, we even got on National Television which showed myself, Alex and Cynthia scouting through volumes of Arabic literature in search for transcripts that looked familiar. Since the title of the fair raised my expectations to finding “International” books I was somewhat disappointed at the limited availability of English merchandise. I have nevertheless purchased a very cool book about dinosaurs (for my brother of course), a few Math/French Grade 2 workbooks (also for the little pest) and even treated myself to yet another Paulo Coelho masterpiece which I am enjoying very much. I found their merchandizing to be questionable after I located a “Cocktails 101” guide next to “Nursery Rhymes for Toddles”. But hey maybe that’s just me…
In the first week of March, the Russian Embassy in Oman organized a reception dedicated to International Women’s Day and invited members of the Russian community for a celebration. On this occasion Mrs. Edemskaya (wife to Ambassodor) has addressed her audience with best wishes of prosperity, peace and health. Coincidently this week also saw the commencement of “Maslenitsa” a traditional Russian holiday throughout which bliny (Russian pancakes) are made and offered to family and guests. Keeping in line with tradition the Embassy served Russian pancakes in abundance with a side of sour cream, jam and honey. Mrs. Pavlovna has stressed the importance of keeping native traditions and holidays alive far from home within the fast growing Russian community in Oman.
Just a few days later I found myself in a 45 minute queue to witness the wonder that is Jared Leto. Being the fidgety hyperactive ball of restlessness  anxious person that I am, I managed to lose our tickets while waiting in line- thank god they were later returned to us by a very kind woman. Overall, I was generally impressed by magnitude of the event and the quality of the music and it turned out to be a good night (3 buckets of beer later). What was missing nevertheless, is the vibe and the drive you are notoriously supposed to experience at a rock concert- and for that I blame the crowd of 14 year olds who were yelling “Get off the stage, bring Snoop Dog instead”. I mean seriously, bedtime anyone?
On the 12th of March I had the honor of attending the inauguration of “‘Drip, Spill, Spray, and a Touch of Nostalgia’” by Anna Dudchenko. Held at The Hyatt, it was a beautiful event that saw the turnout of a very dedicated crowd. Anna rightfully mentioned that some of the guests have been turning up to every single one of her exhibitions since she first began showcasing her work over 7 years ago. The paintings were breathtaking, vibrant and hypnotizing, my personal favorites were the painting of the winter landscapes- I am guessing nostalgia kicked in.

And then… yesterday evening Mom invited me to join her at the Al Bustan for an Austrian concert. I called up my loyal partner in crime Cynt (her blog is here) and we dressed up in evening dresses and the whole deal. Now, I am not usually a fan of classical/orchestra/flute but I like to venture into the unknown every now and again. The troop was very impressive and the music- well unlike anything I have ever heard before! Ok, and maybe we did run down to the café for a glass (or 5) of wine at the interval- but we profoundly appreciated the opportunity to enrich our cultural spectrum during the concert. Classy event of the year? Tick.
I guess the point I am trying to make here is that there really is a lot going on in the capital. You just have to pick your battles. Do not fret, I will help you along the way and hopefully my next post will highlight upcoming events instead of bringing to your attention those that have already passed.