It’s 1am and you’ve been asleep for hours. Softly snoring in your pretty pink crip. Arms thrown to either sides over your head, blanket kicked right off and a soft toy or two scattered around you. Such a big girl. 

I try to close my eyes and fall asleep…after all I will be up in a few hours to feed you. Thoughts are racing through my head but one particular one keeps on going around in circles…”You are not a princess”. I wonder what that’s about? I try to concentrate on this phrase and squeeze all the juices out of it. Where did this come from now?

You are not a princess.

Then I realize that…how do I phrase this…I will do my utmost not to raise you to be a little princess. In your heart of hearts you will grow up believing that you are a little woman not a princess. This thought kept me up for a while. It’s so easy to go wrong. One pink tutu dress too many and too few scraped knees might just be reason enough for you to grow up fragile. 

Princesses live in castles whilst you live in a warm, loving home which is both your playground and your shelter. A home that both of your parents worked very hard to make as comfortable and secure for you as possible.

Princesses are daughters of kings and queens whilst you have an ordinary mommy and daddy who love you to the moon and back and who wake up every single day with the sheer intention of giving you everything (in moderation) to make you into a happy, kind, well rounded human being. 

Princesses wear crowns whilst I want you to wear your heart on your sleeve and never ever raise above anybody else. I want you to be fair. 

Little one, you are not a princess. You are an artist. An explorer. A giver. A genius. A trouble maker.You are a million different things…


Little sleeping beauty at 10 days old.