I am now convinced that this Indian goddess was  merely a mommy of a newborn. Why else would she need that many arms? Frequently over the last few weeks I found myself wishing that I could magically grow an additional limb or four.That would be neat.

Alisa is merely three weeks old now but she is already a baby with attitude. She likes to be held. No, let me rephrase that. She loves to be carried all day long. If you put her down while she is asleep exactly two minutes later she will lay there wide-eyed and wide awake looking at you like that cat from Shrek…and you pick her up again…and rock her…and carry her…and she falls asleep again so you attempt to master the move of “putting the baby in the crib” yet again with the same pathetic results.

So these days I resemble somewhat of a kangaroo. I am just always holding the baby. Therefore I am really missing doing things with my arms. Like brushing my teeth or having a cup of coffee while its still hot. I had to be hand fed breakfast the other day because I could.not.put.the.baby.down. Maybe I am a sucker for her pouty lips and her attempts to cry every time she is put down into her crib and maybe her love for cuddling fits me just fine. So what if I spend about 10 hours of the day holding her and parading up and down the room?

If you saw how cute she is you would do it too.

It took me two whole days to write this blog post and this morning shower time had to be sacrificed in favour of finishing this exact sentence.