…that I am awake at all right now.

The well-wishers, they warn you about everything; the nausea, the headaches, the cravings, the swollen ankles…but somehow they failed to mention to me that I will lose my ability to SLEEP during the last month.

Instead I would go to bed at a decent hour…and then lie there…and lie there…then I would go up and go to the bathroom…get a drink…go back to bed…toss and turn…readjust my 7 pillows…read another page of my book…

Hello 3 am. How did you get here?

Apparently insomnia during pregnancy has something to do with hormones, the adrenalin pumping through the body and the mind racing with hundreds of thoughts ranging from “Hey, did I lock my car?” to ” I will have to PUSH WHAT? THROUGH WHERE?”.

And if the baby hears that you are awake? 50 kicks to your bladder and another 25 right into your lung…that’s what you get for staying up so late. The hubby was resting his hand on my stomach when the baby kicked right into it. He asked me how I can sleep through that. Well I CANT. Because she is having a little fiesta in there. This child needs to learn curfew.

All this wouldn’t be so tragic if I didn’t have to get up for work a little after 7am.

Silly me, I though the sleepless nights start after the baby is born…