And now life will never be the same again.

You know how sometimes you browse the internet, find a picture you like, save it in your Documents/Desktop/Images/Disk C only to never see it again? Or how you have to google search for websites that let you create collages (free!) that you can later store in your Documents/Desktop/Images/Disk C only to never see them again? Well, I do!

And then…

I found Pinterest through a wonderful blogger I follow. So now life is just not the same anymore. I am currently accumulating ideas for the upcoming baby shower, for redecorating the house and for Christmas which is just (freak out) two months away- so it’s perfect. Pinterest let’s you store all and any images you find online, clip them unto a board and you can even categorize them. I currently have “Baby Shower Theme”, “Nursery Ideas”, “True Life” and other categories. You can see what I am up to here.

It’s so easy to use and totally inspiring! Check it out and creat your own board-you will be hooked!

This is totally better than sliced bread. 🙂