First of all, I am here and I am alright…just up to my ears in work and hospital checkups (more on that later).

I wanted to write these thoughts down before they escape my feeble pregnant brain and dash away at the speed of light…(seriously, memory of a gold fish these days).

Yesterday we came back from yet another ultrasound and as usual I had plenty of pictures to show my 8 year old brother who has by now become an pioneer in distinguishing the babies foot or hand in the ultrasound images. Turning the picture 180 degrees and trying to make some senses of the “nose” I was pointing to, he asked me precisely the following:

Ilya: “Will they cut the baby out of your stomach?”

Me: “I don’t know yet, the doctor has not decided, he will let me know soon”.

Ilya: “Does it hurt when they cut it out of your stomach?”

Me: “Probably not, because doctors will give you medicine for the pain”

Ilya: “But what hurts more, having the baby come out of your butt or getting it cut out of your stomach?”

(Dumbstruck. Insert shocked facial expression here. )

Now, I am not generally good in awkward situations. Had this conversation happened 15 years ago I would have giggled and run away. But yesterday I just sat there with really wide eyes, shook my head and mumbled “I don’t know”.  I need to come up with a better answer by the time baby girl is old enough to ask these questions herself. I certainly will cannot tell her babies come from storks forever.

Seriously- where do you even begin when trying to explain where babies come from? I really need to think this one through. I understand how he knows that babies come out of the stomach when it is cut- our mom had a c-section with him. It is the “babies coming out of the butt” myth that I really need to clear up with him ASAP…

I can across this quote about parenthood in one of the newspapers recently and it really got me obsessing thinking:

“I remember lying in bed before my son was born, quite pregnant, thinking, ‘I’m going to ruin him. The first thing I say to him that’s meaningful is going to scar him for life,”. I’m going to mean to be helpful, and it’s just going to destroy him, and he’s going to spend the rest of his life flat out on a couch in a therapist’s office.” SJP

Food for thought.