For the past few weeks we have been anxiously awaiting our ultrasound appointment which was scheduled on the 3rd of August. This time around we changed hospitals in the hope of finding a doctor we were more comfortable with. Throughout the weeks I was unusually calm but as the appointment date drew closer I began to get nervous and excited. By then everyone around us was already convinced it’s a girl, I don’t think even heard anyone say “boy” out loud.
We headed for the ultrasound that Wednesday afternoon, with Alex taking a few hours off work to come with me as usual. Before we knew it I was lying on the ultrasound couch awaiting for the scan to begin. Now, here I must say that given that the baby was only 4cm long the last time we saw her- the ultrasound technicians must provide some sort of a warning, along the lines of ” now a giant baby with appear on the monitor and it will look like nothing you have seen before’. Because I am telling you…I was not prepared for what was to come. Now, I dually youtubed ” 15 weeks ultrasound scans ” and watched dozens of babies do back flips on the monitor…but nothing could have prepared me for my own! From the second the baby appeared on the monitor Alex was absolutely glued to it with a giant grin on his face. All he could say was “It’s really big, it’s really big”.
Our baby was lying face down, on her tummy with her legs and hands curled up under her, snoozing away. It worried me somewhat that she wasn’t moving but the heartbeat was strong so perhaps she was indeed just taking a nap. Unlike the last time where all that was visible was a giant head, a long oval body and two little dots instead of the feet….we could now see a well formed human being! We could clearly distinguish all her features…her spine…her heart…her butt. The baby was however in an unfavorable position to determine sex so the doctor suggested I should cough a few times and this might get her moving. Um, no. We then took a ten minute break during which I walked around the hospital, went to the toilet and generally tried to move a little to get the baby to change position.
When we got back the baby has indeed flipped on it’s back but the legs were still crossed protectively over the area that was of most interest to us. From what the doctor has seen so far she was saying “most probably a girl, yes most probably”. At some point all we could see on the monitor were two little perfect feet and we could clearly make out every single baby toe. It was surreal. The baby became a little more active kicking around and lifting her arms over her head- although I still could not feel any of it.
In a moment she moved her legs out of the way and the doctor zoomed into what was ” 99% a girl” . 🙂 Oh and what a tall girl she is!!! Currently she is already 17 cm long from head to toe! Her feet already don’t have room to stretch out so she keeping them bend at the knee and tucked in under her or just over her tummy.
Towards the end of the ultrasound she raised her right arm to wave at daddy or at least it looked like it. She was playing with her right ear and her arm kept on going up and down as though she was waving…a giant grin didn’t come off Alex’s face for an hour after that!
The doctor did advice us to come back in a month just to be 100% sure of the sex and to check up on the baby, but I am convinced because 99% is a pretty damn good chance and also the fact that everybody was guessing girl and last but not least…we could not come up with a boy’s name all this time!
Our little princess on the other hand already has a beautiful name…Alice.