I’ve been sitting here, chewing my lower lip nervously and staring at the “new post” window close to 20 minutes now. For the hundredth time this week.

It’s not that I don’t know what to write about- I have plenty of ideas bouncing around one better than the other. It’s just that none of them are as epic or seem as entertaining as the topic I have planned for a later post. A much later post. To avoid giving anything away just yet, let’s leave it at that.

Meanwhile, rest assured that I am still around and big things are happening as I type this. Huge things. Enormously gigantic things. Soon to come are a series of posts that will blow your mind and glue you to this excuse-of-a-blog for many moons to come. (A girl can hope right?)

I absolutely suck at surprises so I am going to keep this post short to avoid actually blabbing it all out now.

Drum roll please.

Are you all jittery and excited yet?