As of 4 pm this afternoon protestors have gathered in front of Majlis A Shura which is located in front of Muscat International Airport, just 15 minutes from the city center, and only 10 minutes from where I live. These are meant to be peaceful and are due to be in support for the government and against the protests that are happening in Sohar right this instant.

Bad news travels fast and the story has currently reached and CNN has also carried a very blunt report on the subject.

The highway to Sohar where demonstrations rage has been closed off making it impossible to get in or out by road. Dozens of cars and trucks remain trapped and as a result (see images below) are being violated. Earlier this morning we heard that Bank Muscat in Sohar has also been set on fire and ATM machines have been vandalized. I cannot confirm this right now, but the source is very trusted.

HM Sultan Qaboos is due to give a speech today at 7pm and we are all holding are breath for it. Local newspapers are reporting that up to 8 people have died in the clashes in Sohar and over 50 are currently injured.

Muscat Mutterings is constantly updating on the situation here.

However, I must stress that it remains peaceful in Muscat and we are safe.