Just as we have feared we are experiencing some turbulence that echoed back from the recent events of Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya.
There are reports of gatherings and demonstrations in Sohar, which is about 2 hours away from Muscat. It is deeply innerving to be so information deprived as unfortunately the local newspapers have not covered these events extensively. For the time being we are safe. Work is going on as usual and so is life in the city. However everyone is showing great concern over what is happening in Sohar and jokes are being muttered around the office about “going home to pack”. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that at least 2 persons have been killed and about 12 heavily injured.
The mishaps have already been picked up by BBC, German media and Al Jazeera. Local updates can be found on the website of Muscat Mutterings, Dhofar Gucci and Muscat Daily.
Here are a few quotes picked out from various sources covering the events of the last two days:
“A crowd of 500 protesters, demanding democracy and jobs, gathered on Saturday outside a shopping mall in the city of Sohar, barricading vehicles and shoppers.” (Al Jazeera)
“They are at the Globe roundabout blocking traffic.” (Al Jazeera)
“My relative are leaving near Sohar r/a & they have heard gunshots & helicopters petroling.
We have heard that some protesters have broken into lulu Hyper (Sohar) & steal some goods & broke the entrance.” (Oman Forum)
“Protesters demanding higher wages, more jobs and an end to corruption disrupted traffic in Salalah and Sohar on Saturday.In Salalah, protesters staged a ‘sitin’ in front of the Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar’s Office, setting up three tents and covering the gates of the office with banners that had their demands on them.” (Muscat Daily)
Quite frankly I am a little freaked out and contemplating further means of action.
If you have any updates please feel free to share.