Although we spend the entire morning at the police station yesterday, and the entire afternoon putting up notices around the area and in all Al Fair’s and Sultan Center’s of Muscat- we have not heard anything on the whereabouts of our bike yet.
I am trying to spread the word to local media, hopefully the likes of Muscat Daily and Y magazine will extend their support in publishing the story of the theft. I have also contacted the Women’s Guild in Oman to see if they could include the notice in their daily newspaper that gets sent to about 1,000 people.
With the help of friends I translated the notice into Arabic and we spent yesterday evening driving around petrol stations and coffee shops in the area and handing out fliers. I must say that the locals have been very supportive, they seem embarresed and shocked at the happenings. 
Alex is truly stunned, he is very detached and quite for the past 24hrs. We both agree that it has little to do with the loss as such, the bike is after all insured, but it is about the principal of someone barging into our lives and deciding that something we worked for so very hard- will now become theirs. It infuriates me to think that someone believes that they have the right to help them to other people’s property.
If, or when the bike is found- we will make sure they get what they deserve. I may be naive, but I believe that ROP has what it takes to nail these f&!kers. Meanwhile, if anyone knows any places that might sell parts/used vehicles, please let me know- as we are quite eager to check every single option out. A friend suggested we try looking in Nizwa- but where exactly?
The funny thing is…you have to be an advanced technicial to start up this Honda without the key…makes one wonder how many low criminals have those kinds of abilities?
Keep us in your prayers….