Dear Readers,

Hi there.

I would like to bring to your attention that My Cynthia has started a blog of her own (do I hear Hallelujah?). I am proud to introduce also known as Olga’s anti-blog because of this phrase ” If you are looking for motivational quotes, or some cooking tips, you are not in the right place.”
It is perhaps the most sarcastic, passionate, angry blog there is about Oman. Now, if you are lucky enough to know Cynthia your current thoughts are “but she is such a sweetheart, how can she write something so angry”. Well HA! The joke is on you people. Between the two of us, I am the one who candy-coats, coaxes and generalizes, Cynthia on the other hand will tell it like it is, wrap it in sarcasm and pour chocolate syrup on top just to make it more appealing. So if you are wondering what’s there to hate about Oman- give it a read, it will have you laughing in fits with every sentence.