Dear Readers,
I marvel at some people’s ability to ignore and outright suppress global issues such as violence, rape, abuse or bullying. The average citizen would not stand up for a victim, would not defend an elderly person and would think twice before running after a thief. You might exclaim that this is not the case, but I beg to differ. Why else would we call a person a “hero” when he pulls a child out of a burning house or simply helps a blind person cross the road. Isn’t this something we would all have done? No, it isn’t. It takes character, courage and a massive desire to carry out acts of kindness. Your average bloke wouldn’t even let a car switch lanes in front of him.
 I know a woman who would stand up to injustice any time of the day, she would voice her opinions and do her utmost to aid a person in need. She has recently sent Y Magazine an article in regards to an issue she felt very strongly about- the abuse of those who cannot stand up for themselves. Children in school buses were throwing stones at a helpless pedestrian, who has no way to voice her complaints and would not get any attention from the authorities. These “passengers” have already caught the attention of publications such as The Week, Muscat Daily and Observer newspaper due to their unsafe behavior in the school buses. However abusing pedestrians with stones- takes this issue to a whole different level. You can read Cynthia’s full story and rants here on page 6. Thanks to Y Magazine and Paul for giving this matter the attention it deserves! We could do with more of such stories!