Whether you blog on a daily basis, or once in a blue moon you undoubtedly find yourself lost for words at one moment or the other. It is during one of these “writer blocks” that I happened upon a website with an acute description of how to be a “successful” blogger. It described my sense of excitement at the birth of my blog, and my current state of floating in limbo not knowing in which direction to lead the. Did I ever set out to be a successful blogger? Not even the tiniest bit. I knew zilch about blogging when I wrote my first lines in 2008. I certainly never imaged that hundreds of people in 19 different countries would find it interesting. I set out to describe my life after marriage…to a biker. Mission accomplished I believe, since the blog gets hits on google though “living with a biker”, “being a bikers wife”, “marrying a biker” and etc. So don’t worry girls, I am a fine example of the fact that it CAN BE DONE (it’s a lot of fun too!).
I don’t aim to be successful neither do I have goals or a clear vision of where this blog is going. And maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. I am enjoying the free style, sharing bits and bobs of my life with all of you. I would love to do more posts on Oman-especially ones that involve the outdoors! I will continue to post pictures of project 365 because I am so damn proud of myself for sticking with it for 142 days now! The tiny amount of time I have I will spend visiting blog of my fellow bloggers in Muscat, they are so few and far in between, so I cling to every post! Hopefully, Happilymarriedtoabiker won’t lose its sense of purpose; you will still frequently receive insights into our chaotic, hilarious and sometimes challenging daily life.
I tremendously enjoy reading simple blogs that describe the ever-day, common occurrences. Blogs that don’t strive to prove a point, or criticize or convert the reader. At the moment I am dedicated to about 5 different blogs which I do my best to check on a daily basis, although I don’t leave comments as often as I should. I seldom feel like what I have to say would be of any interest to the author, although I am always beyond thrilled when friends comment on my posts. It is a huge motivational boost; those leaving the comment don’t have the slightest clue about the amount of encouragement that they convey with every word they leave. So thank you to those who comment, and to those who silently stalk my blog- please don’t be shy.
If you are blogger or are thinking of becoming one and capturing the attention of the world and make pretty millions in the process, do give this short but precise article a read. For others who are enjoying this blog, do let me know what you want to read about…because right now I am lost for words.