My dear friend, Shavkat, who has struggled to regain his health and strength after the car accident, over 3 weeks ago- has unfortunately and sadly left us today. I have no words to describe the void inside my soul, I feel like I am physically in pain from grief. I have not stopped crying for the last 5-7 hours or so. Everytime I succeed at convincing myself that I am dreaming his brilliant smile floats into my mind- and I break down. I painfully realize that he is gone…forever. He was amazing. This was not someone people spoke gently about, just because he is no longer with us. No. Throughout his life with us, we always admired him and acknowledged it. We told him he was amazing, kind, generous, supportive, loyal and optimistic. He was our sunshine. He was the strongest and most kind person I have ever met. My time with him was short, 4 years of sitting through university lectures, parties, projects, birthdays and now…this. He is so missed and so loved.
I am hurting. I am crying. I am in denial. I want to wake up tomorrow, and I want this to be a bad dream. I feel guilty for enjoying life. I feel guilty for going shopping. For eating. For smiling. I want him to be able to do these things too. I want him back with us.
Everyone says Shavkat is in heaven. He is at peace.

God must have needed some help up there…since he took the best one amongst us so suddenly.

I will never forget you. No one will ever measure up. Rest in peace.