Although there are no news about the condition of my friend, the absence of news is almost good news. If he was getting worse, or if his future was uncertain- I am hoping those close to him would let us know. I think about him everyday and pray for his recovery before I drift off to sleep. Somewhere miles away, he is lying in his hospital bed, and slowly getting better- I hope. I set up a group on Facebook, so that those in possession of any kind of updates may notify us immediately. So far 40 people are onboard, but the news are coming in remotely and don’t differ greatly.

I am not up for blog posts, I lack motivation and feel very guilty for trying to write something positive or even remotely happy. The bad news from last week shook me up pretty bad.The hubby and I did however go to a camping trip over the weekend, and enjoyed one of the most beautiful bays in Oman, as well as great company. The trip got my mind off the situation a little, although I was quieter and more anti-social than usual. We were with a group of people most of which I have not met before so I sat back and observed, soaking in the sun and the uniqueness of those around me.

I will combine a few days from Project 365 below, I am already on day 80 today but on this blog I only managed to catch up to 56. Shame on me. I am just not up for explaining my love for sushi, or the man below. I am a junkie for both. However they are uncombinable. I cannot explain it. I am worried and scared for my classmate. I am also slightly exhausted. So please enjoy my defeat, bask in my lack of creativity:

Day 57. Alex offroad in Yeti.

Day 56. Me and sushi have a passionate affair.