How typical of me to disappear after writing a post on inspirations. FAIL. Oh well moving on now, below is picture of the day number 54. Close to giving up and absolutely out of ideas, I suggested to Yuliya (also doing project 365) to take a picture of the inside of our bags. Girly. Her picture can be found HERE But there is a good explanation for all of this. What women carry in their bags has boggled the minds of mankind over the centuries. It is perceived as the modern Pandora’s Box. And since most do not have the decency (or should i say…guts?) to peek in, I decided to reveal all. The contents of “the bag” change over the years. When I was 17 and working in Mango as Merchandiser and Window Display Manager I used to carry everything from staplers to rolls of wire in my bag. It would typically weight 4-6 kgs, on a daily basis. Now when I am 22, and the job is calmer and the hours are predictable I only have the following in my bag:
1. Foundation
2. Concealed
3. Lip gloss
4. Mascara
5. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
6. My Canon Camera
7. Flash card
8. My keys
9. My supermarket key tag (yey discounts!)
10. My wallet
11. A few pens
12. Whatever my brother drops in there (Pokémon and pirates included)
13. Candy
This is a fairly modest list and after taking this picture I realized a few essentials such as band aids, Panadol, tissues, sunglasses, hairbrush, perfume,pins and bands and my phones are missing!!! Hence since, my bag has gained another 0.5 in weight. This may look like absolute clutter to you, but trust me- the “items”are in absolute harmony in there.
To us girls, these tresures are absolutely vital on a daily basis. I could never go out without my bag, I tried once, and ended up with pocketfulls of telephones, cards, cash and make up. Not practical.

The rattle does embarrass me a little, especially once when walking to my car and digging in the for the car keys, balancing the bag on one knee, elbow-deep in it with both hands… something fell out, and later got picked up by my colleague, who caught up with me and cringed…”you dropped your Pokemon” he said…