Bikers are energetic beings. Their meals have to be rich in Vitamin A,B,C,D,E which are all found in red meat and poultry. Folic acid is also a must, for all those scrapes and scratches to heal faster. I doubt there are any vegetarians amongst them. They require a lot of nutrition, but no nonsense such as soups or broths.
The truth about a biker’s nutrition plan:

• It’s not morning unless there is coffee

• It’s not coffee if it has milk in it. It is a Starbucks lie.

• If it’s not fried- then it’s not cooked.

• If it’s not beer, then it is not a beverage.

• Meat always wins over chicken.

• Chicken is hardly a dish on its own.

• It is possible to have 16 oz steak, with chicken as a side dish (and fries).

• Broccoli, spinach and cabbage- these are not food. They are garden weeds.

• The redder the better.

• The portion is only big enough when the plate can no longer be seen.

• Ribs and chops are “teasers”, bring on the whole shoulder.

• Sushi <—-where is the meat in that?

• Garden green salads <—-where is the meat in that?

• Seafood- not red, not fried, not lean- not a dinner option.

• A side dish cannot be boiled, grilled or slow cooked. It must be fried, or it will be thrown.

• It is not curry unless you cry when you eat it.

• It is not pasta unless its topped with bacon/cream/mince meat/all of the above.

• A bar of chocolate is not dessert, but a kg of chocolate is.