I am your big sister that is why…

…I will put a band aid over your finger even if the blood makes me throw up

…I will re-read your bed time stories as many times as you want

…I will watch every single cartoon in the cinema with you and 4 of your noisiest friends

…I will leave the cinema half way through the movie to get you popcorn

…I will cross my fingers and reassure you that our dog did, indeed…run away

…I will promise to buy you a Porshe car, a jet plane and a submarine when you turn 18

…I will eat all the pickles you remove from your sandwiches

…I will make you sandwiches with pickles so that I can eat them later

…I will make you a chocolate-strawberry-banana milkshake, just like you asked

…I will hold your snails, ants, warms, pebbles in my hands like treasure

…I will never doubt any one of your secrets

…I will embarrass you continuously by worrying about you every second

…I will insist on holding your hand even if you are too big for it

…I will cover every sharp corner and keep you away from other dangers

…I will make you put your seatbelt on and remind you to drink your milk

…I will be proud of every one of your achievements every day of your life

…I will forever owe you the world for making me a better person