This is the official evidence of my FAILED Detox plan. I blame the world cup.It cannot be watched without pizza and beer. Ever. To be fair, I only watched this one game this year…and I am almost certain that I can tell you who was playing…except I cant, coz I don’t remember. I am such a girl when it comes to football. I like the idea, but to actually sit and watch it? I dragged Cynthia to watch it though, I assured her it would be fun. I didn’t lie- the evening was a lot of fun… but the football…I am sitting here and trying very hard to remember who played. All that’s coming up is Martini, no, Tequila, yes there was Tequilla…and beer, there was a beer or four. Score? 1 Long Island to none. Cynthia spilled it on the floor. Too bad the 15 seconds rule did not apply.