Day 38.I was on a crazy mission to Detox. From what exactly? I don’t know. I am not McDonald’s obsessed; I don’t eat a lot of chocolate or meat. But I just wanted to…feel fresh from the inside. Does that make sense? I think it’s the 48 degree heat that was getting to me. I tore out pages from magazines suggesting a healthier life style, I googled healthy meal plans. I  even bought Kellogg’s extra-fibre-extra-cruchy-sugarless-tasteless cornflakes to begin my day. I stuffed the refrigerator with veggies and fruits to survive on during the lunch time, and dug out that long forgotten box of camomile tea I had. The rules were simple- no alcohol, no sugar, no coffee, no bread, no fried foods, no junk food… you see where I am going with this? It was actually a lot easier than I thought, I drank tons of water during the day, I had juice when I was feeling hungry and salad at regular meals. Of course, combined with the gym factor- I immediately felt- sick. My body did not appreciate the health crash course- it gave me everything from muscle spasms to splitting migraines, but I stayed on track. It is actually quite easy to stick to the plan and munch on carrots instead of Tortilla chips and drink warm water instead of Fanta. But just for 3 days…tops.