This is Moon. Also known as Noon-nooon, noon-nooooon-noooon. Or Moon the dog, as I like to call him. And below is a guest post from Cynthia H.

Its a doggy world.
I remember when i met my family, it was only two years ago, i was only two. I was living in a nice big house before, with a lot of people. different people took care of me, some left, some joined. The people who always stayed at that big house were a man, a woman (who did not like me at all) and a little child who thought i was one of her stuffed toys. One day the man took me out. we didn’t walk. We just stood there. I found it strange, i told him wait, you don’t usually walk me, what are we doing there? then i saw her. she walked towards us, she seemed excited to meet me. WHO ARE YOU?? i asked, i jumped on her to try and sniff her. nop, definitely never met before. Next thing i know i was in a car going far far away, i could not smell the man, my caretakers, the girl or the woman who hated me. I found it strange but i thought maybe they are taking me to that awful place again with the strange man in the white coat sticking strange tools in me and expecting me not to cry! AND why am i not allowed to pee there? everyone else does! i can smell it. its clear!
we reached, it was a small house filled with people i’ve never smelt before. they were all talking at the same time and i couldn’t focus on what they were saying. the woman who seemed like the pack leader clearly was shocked (not in a good way) to see me, and the other two girls looked confused and didn’t come near me. was i going to live here? who are those people and what do they want from me exactly?!
As the days passed, i realized i am getting more attention than ever. they even washed and brushed my hair. i don’t remember doing that since i was 1. they fed me food that wasn’t familiar but tasted good, and they gave me toys that i didn’t know how to play with, i sat and watched them, they seemed like they cared even though they did not understand me. They wanted me to sit when they asked me to sit, and shake hands, Hi 5, roll over, stay, and stand up! why would any dog do that? my new food made me run faster and my new short hair made me feel more fresh. the same people took care of me. everyday was familiar and nice. i was finally with a family that cared. even the pack leader warmed up to me, she now feeds me whatever she is eating, takes me on walks and when people ask she says proudly, this is our dog and no we will not give him to you!
I finally became a member of a family as opposed to a creature that everyone dreaded to take care of in a corner of a big house . And do i miss my old family? I don’t miss everyone there, i was scared of them and they hurt me sometimes….I do miss the little girl though…I will never forget her, she gave me my name and she will always be in my mind, and when i see her next i will thank her for making me meet and join my new family.