“Your cat will never threaten your popularity by barking at three in the morning. He won’t attack the mailman or eat the drapes, although he may climb the drapes to see how the room looks from the ceiling.” ~Helen Powers

I think cats are awesome. I find dogs too energetic and too demanding for my liking. I would never get up 7 am to walk a dog! I wouldn’t even get up at 7 am to walk myself!

After the fluffy fellow below scratched some leather sofa seats, he got kicked of my parents’ house out and handed down to us. The best second-hand I have ever received! Apart from his scratching habits, he is a good natured boy. He is quiet. He is well behaved. And ultimately he is calming. Nothing takes my mind off stress the way that his purring does. He is truly a member of our little family. Whenever we are enjoying an evening at home in front of the TV, he would always hop on the sofa and hang out with us- he is very territorial about the sofa! Everyone who comes over adores him and picks him up to snuggle. He is very snuggable. In comparison to the skinny, hairless snake-like looking local street cats- he is the Johnny Depp of the region!
“I am not fat! I am poofy”