Day 23. A quick visit to Nizwa, the largest in the interior province, was the capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th centuries. Today it remains one of the most popular tourist attractions with its historical buildings and imposing fort built in the mid 17th century. Now that I am done copy pasting from Google, I can tell you what Nizwa is really like. Tucked away, about 250 km from Muscat, it a an immediate town center, full of life, busy shop keepers, curious tourists and extravagant Omani displays. After driving for two hours, on a road that seems to melt under the tires (did I mention is 48 degrees here in June?) you find yourself amidst Toyota Showrooms, Happy Bunny food outlets and hundreds of little stores. The most famous attraction is the fort- which has the magical ability to always be closed for lunch when I visit (I’ve been to Nizwa 4 times, only managed to get into the fort once- again, because Cynthia was with me!). It breathes history. The thick yellow, worn-out walls are enticing and inviting. The 50 meter deep (torture holes) wells are frightening. It’s a must see 🙂 and since you took 2 hours to drive there you might as well pop buy the silver souq, check out antiques, silver wear, handmade crafts, traditional dresses and other souvenirs. Be sure to stop by the fish and veggies market, where Tashkent-style Lorries are unloading tons of strawberries, melons, kiwi fruit and fresh veggies. These are a lot cheaper than in Muscat, negotiations are also accepted and the quality is undeniable. Wouldn’t I make an awsome tour guide?
Two thumbs up for Nizwa- I am in love with how quite, modest and intriguing you are.

Picture of the day. An old mud house close to the Nizwa Fort.