You know you married a biker…

  1. When entering your home you stumble on a helmet, pair of heavy boots, a motorbike part or a packed hiking sack. All of which, are “exactly in their right place”.
  2. When you husband doesn’t own more than 1 pair of shoes, but has over 4 pairs of boots and snickers.
  3. When that pair of leather pants, doesn’t belong to you.
  4. When you freezer is maxed out in its capacity to contain steaks, beef ribs, whole beef shoulders and lean cut meat and “the other fridge” is bulging from cans of “extra strong” dark beer.
  5. When the idea of a romantic date involves going to Honda to shop for motorbike parts.
  6. When going for a romantic dinner, or to the cinema on a motorbike is a fine idea- so what if it’s raining?
  7. When the pile of darks in the laundry, can single handedly take over your whole house.
  8. When a motorbike roars two traffic lights from where you are standing, and you are able to tell its brand, engine compactly and the release year.
  9. When pets and flowers arrive protected under a heavy leather jacket, on a motorbike and have to then be nursed back to complete health.
  10. When choosing a suitable weekend getaway, your primary concern is the variety of water sport activities offered on site or a mountainous landscape nearby.
  11. When any electrical appliance (from a plug to an iron) gets fixed, as if by magic, in under 5 seconds.
  12. When 3 out of 4 cupboard drawers are filled with bolts, screw drivers, hammers, wires, electrical cables (of different diameters!) and tool boxes.
  13. When the availability of a good GPS system is the key factor in deciding which phone to buy.
  14. If energy drinks and coffee have a much higher consumption rate than water in your home.
  15. When the extra room in your home is an office/warehouse filled with… (see point 1)
  16. The challenge of remembering all the birthdays, occasions and anniversaries of his entire family is yours alone to bear, because you know – if it’s not technical and cannot be measured in km/h or watts, and then it’s not easy to remember.
  17. When you find yourself enrolling for diving courses while sun tanning at a local beach, reading forums on hiking in the Himalayas while a Cosmopolitan is open on your lap or looking out for a leather jacket every time you go shopping for a new cocktail dress- well because the life style is contagious.
  18. When everyday of your life, is different, colorful, challenging and full of possibilities and new discoveries.