…in spite of me
Dont be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Dont be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldnt help itIts all your fault”

(Alanis Morisette, Head Over Feet, lyrics)

When I heard the honking of car horns around 10 a.m, I knew that he was close. The bikers were coming to take me away from my grand mothers house-but it was not going to be as easy as they thought. My girls devised a cunning and particularly cruel maze of questions and dares that would have to be fulfilled to their satisfaction. They came up with such witty riddles and never done before tricks, in about 24 hours! They did such an amazing job. I still consider this to be the best part of the day. It all started as they greeted the bikers about 20 meters from the door…

They stood holding hands as 3 bikes roared towards them. Alex was riding together with the best man and my bouquette. The other bikers, were close friends of ours. They got off their bikes when they reached the girls and the first challenge was to cut the ribbon behind them to let them pass. The girls presented them with a tray which had 3 types of scissors on them. They had to pay to buy a pair. The next trick was to step on the footsteps laid out on the ground, and pick up the paper footstep and read the dare on it. These ranged from “dance the little ducklings dance”, “name 4 britney spears songs” to “scream as loudly as you can”. At this point, Alex screamed “Olga, I love you more than anything in the world”. I know. Anything. Thing. Ok. I told myself-anything-means bike. He loves me more that his bike. I can live with that. Other memorable moments included when he had to dress a baby doll in just 20 seconds, he had managed to put one of the legs into the pants, and then as he had 3 seconds left, he stuffed the doll upside down, inside his jacket. Which kind of works, because at least the poor thing was warm! At the door of the building, another unusuall challenge require bows and arrows. He had to shoot at the reason he married me, he shot three times, and mostly got “The party has ordered me”. Inside the hall, he had to guess the outline of my hand trace, and the color of my lipstick. He guessed neither πŸ™‚ Alex them bravely drank 1 ltr of very questionable water to pick out the key to the house. He guessed the key from his first try! The last task included finding the room in which the bride was awaiting him. Alex had a choice of 4 rooms, my room, my grandmothers room, the bathroom and the toilet. I ofcourse hid in my grandmothers room. Biker people kept yelling “pick the room with the baloons!!!” but ofcourse I wasnt there. Instead there was my grandma with a white scarf over her head, yelling “You have found your bride!!!” it was hilarous! Alex them unsuccessfully peaked into the bathroom and the toilet, found me in neither and went for my grandma’s room. I was standing there, trembling, listening closely to the commotion outside. And as the handle of the door turned, my heart stopped beating. He walked in,tall and handsome and his eyes opened wide in amazement. He hugged and kissed for the longest time-unable to believe our luck…