My biker husband-to-be was quite famous for his desire to have an unforgettable bachelor’s bash. He would shout left and right about the wild night, with the guys in the bar, and the unlimited number of alcohol and fun that they were planning to have. In his defense, I believe he was scared silly to get married. Because we are such opposites, he knew he would never convince me to do all the things he hopes to do in life. And god forbid I ever stop him from doing them. My burden as a biker wife, is to sit and watch quietly as he swims with sharks, climbs mountains, takes his bike around the world, plans his routes through Georgia and Iraq and stocks up all possible sports equipment in our balcony.
The same was true for the Bachelor’s party, I was totally tranquil to the idea of his ‘wild night out’. I nodded and smiled and supported it. No point of whining about it, if its going to happen anyway! As the wedding date appoached he was so caught up in organizing,planning,freaking out-that he forgot to have a bachelor’s party. His friends were also caught up in the frenzy, and caught off guard about their fellow biker getting married, they forgot to plan a party for him. Ha Ha. What did end up happening before the wedding day was quite the opposite of a “wild party”. Alex called over a good friend of his along with his girlfriend, to spend the evening with his, because he was too nerveous about next morning. They came over, had a few drinks, the girl cooked up something to eat, and before he knew it he was asleep…just like that, the wild biker who longer for a party he would be too ashamed to tell his wife about, was put to bed at 11 in the evening, to get plenty of sleep and rest, before the BIG DAY…This story told by our good friend Liya(who is a umm..stripper, in her defense she has a professional dance diploma!), sounded quite exciting after the wedding with the correct choice of wording, and without too many details:
“Alex has the best Bachelor’s Bash in the World, he spend the evening having drinks with his best friend and a stipper, who cooked him dinner, stayed over, and made him coffee the next morning…” 🙂