Just a few days before the wedding, there was a sudden urge that something was missing! The Bachelorette Bash. The exhaustion from the praparation and the wedding gitters were creeping on us, so besides my deep need to keep on planning and stressing out, My Girls, took me out for drinks and some dancing. It all started out civilized and decent, we went to SMI bar, in the heart of Tashkent city, simply because it was “our place”. We spend countless evenings here, chatting, gossiping, pouring our hearts out and simply making memories. We celebrated birthdays,anniversaries, graduations and other endless occasions, like Fridays and Saturdays. SMI bar, is the “golden” bar of the city, filled with over-paid businessmen, and over-materialistic teenagers. And sometimes actors and singers. Apart from that, it was just a cozy bar with great service, bearable prices and suitable music.

SMI bar, RIP and we miss you loads

A few coctails later, SMI got to crammed for us and we moved the party to VM bar, anoter memorable location, which we have flocked to since the early days of the first semester of University. A 5 b 12 room, with wooden tables,benches, and skiiing and mountain climbing equipment hanging off the ceiling, VM bar quickly gained its popularty amongst the local “extreme” public. A place that My Foosa has introduced us too, it was also the place where I did not run into Alex for two years, although we both hanged out there a few nights a week. Yura, the director of the bar, was the Best Man at our wedding. VM was the place to go, if you wanted to listen to some live local rock music, enjoy bran new company and dance in 2 by 4 area of “floor” with 80 other people. It was our place. There was no other place to celebrate my girls giving me away, then VM Bar.

Just outside VM bar, while still looking decent and pretty. From left to right: My Jenya, My Foosa and My Cynthia.

We are goofy like that. Normal pictures are very rare!

My Jenya and Me. Dancing and enjoying the evening.

As much fun as my Bachelorette party was, it was no different that any other great evening spend out with my girls. And the Bachelor’s party was a whole different deal…. ๐Ÿ™‚