are risky business. Tashkent is unforgettable for its ability to be have warm fuzzy morning, and piercing cold evenings in Autumn. However, the first week of September was warm and pleasant, we settled on the outdoors, which were still tented in case of rain. The area was surrounded by groomed trees, flowers and bushes. Hence, the idea of a white and green wedding occurred naturally. I was never a big fan of the colour green, and seeing that it was September, yellow and orange tones would have gone so much better-but for some reason green seemed perfect then and there. We decided not to over do it with the bright green colours, and just have a few accents here and there. We ended up having white,green, and olive baloons around the area,green napkins on the tables, a lot of floral greenery, and green ribbons on the tables. Our cake was also three stories tall, and was decorated with beautiful white roses, and green petals.Everything else was classical white, there was no other theme in the wedding, and guests were not asked to dress any specific way, simply because they were of such different ages and classes.