The wedding should be as close to perfection as humanly possible. If that meant being difficult, demanding, whiny at times- I had no problem being so. When you have a certain vision of the big day, it is much easier to relocate your resources to match up. Next to the hotel, the camera man gave us more trouble than we could handle. I initially had a DVD of our friend’s wedding for 3 months. I would watch it over and over again, to try and notice the little things that i disliked; like the camera man recording people next to unwanted scenery, such as the sound system or a bare wall. The food on the table was also given a lot of emphasis, as were hyper kids who ran around the wedding hall. Often there was footage of the bride chewing large chunks of food, or the guests dancing barefoot (and a zoom into their feet).
Watching that DVD also provided me with a template of what a wedding should consist of, and the chronological order of events. Typically in a Russian wedding the following occurs:

  1. The bride gets her hair and make up done early morning at her house/salon
  2. The groom gets ready with the help of his best man and other pals
  3. The groom’s party decorates the cars/motorbikes with baloons, ribbons and flowers
  4. The bride’s family prepares a light table with drinks and snacks
  5. The bride’s friends prepare traps and tricks for the groom to pass through
  6. The groom picks up the bride’s bouquette and arrives at her house
  7. The groom groes through the traps set up by answering questions, or paying money
  8. The groom successfully enters the house with flowers for the mother/grandmother or the bride
  9. After a few toasts, the party leaves for the city hall
  10. Rings and vows are exchange, marriage certificate acquired, usually parents do not come to this part of the ceremony
  11. The bride and the groom, followed by friends, visit monuments and historical sigths to lay flowers in respect
  12. During lunchtime, the church ceremony takes place, where the rings are blessed and the whole extended family usually attends
  13. There is time to take photographs at breath taking locations after church
  14. The bride and groom arrive at the hotel, while the organizers put the finishing touches to the banquet hall
  15. Make up is touched up, shoes are pollished, and guests begin to arrive
  16. Half an hour after all the guests have gathered, the bride and groom arrive at the hall
  17. Throughout the night, toasts and words of congratulations are exchanged, there is a lot of dancing and ultimately-drinking
  18. The bride and groom cut the cake, say words of thanks to their parents and leave to their suite.

Keeping in mind the casual order of events, the wedding video is typically over three hours long, and if not edited and shot properly can easily turn out to be a disaster. And after looking at the works of a number of cameraman, by sheer luck we stumbled upon one whose work took our breath away. The wedding he did previously was different, fun, loud, energetic, and atypicall. We decided to entrust him to make ours special as well. And considering that we have System of a Down as a soundtrack to our wedding video- I can se he did a great job!