Finding a great photographer and a great camera man is the main challenge of any wedding. Most of the photographers whom we contacted were already booked for the date of our wedding, or were way out of our price league. There were a few extraordiary ones, who didn’t just shoot a scene-they captured emotions. Luckily, we found our photographer just three weeks away from the wedding. He did not work for a particular studio, neither did he charge a lot. But he was a genious. Kindly inviting us to his home, he shared his portfolio and his vision of our wedding. He was very excited to be involved in a biker wedding, and spontaneously blurted out idea for different scenes and themes we could endulge in. He made us excited about our wedding like no one before 🙂 Ofcourse, my dear fiance tried to turn the photo shoot into something extraordinary with a sunrise in the mountains and a bride surrounded by 50 bikes. For better or for worse, we scaled it down. Alisher (the photographer) was quiet surprised that we tried to cram in one day, both city hall reception and church ceremony- that would mean he would be working a 16 hour day. Starting from 8:00 he would need to arrive at the groom’s house to take a few pictures of him with his parents, then come to my house to take pictures of my-still-white wedding dress, and then take it from then onwards until the wedding wrapped up around midnight.

Here are the pictures he won us over with: