We could not solve the problem of having a tradtional wedding and still making it fun for our friends. My husbands buddies are all life-loving-beer-drinking-rocking-never-stopping kind of people. And there are over 20 of them. See below:

Then there were friends of mine, well-mannered-non-smoking-future-presidents who I wanted by my side in this special day.

And ofcourse we wanted to keep the wedding simple and traditional. With this “mission-impossible” pressing on our shoulders we seeked for a way out! We wanted to have our cake and eat it too! There was only one solution-to have the “biker” wedding separetly from the “traditional” wedding. In a bar. Two days after our wedding. In a bar. The bar where we both hang out for a few years, yet never ran into each other. As hectic as getting one wedding ready was, we had another one around the corner. That meant, another dress, other invitation, other menus and other event programs. Only the brave and the insane can pull that off, I guess we were a little of both πŸ™‚ Thankfully, our best man was the director of that certain bar, VM bar it is called. But that bar deserves its own post all together.