…Especially on your wedding day! Finding the perfect shoes to go with the creamy white dress took a while. Tashkent has a serious deficiency of shoes, especially white ones. Black ones are not a problem, in every shape and size or design. I guess the wedding season was to blame. August and September are wedding seasons in Uzbekistan, as everyone prepares to hold the ceremony before the holy month of Ramadhan, or right after it.
With what seemed like half the city getting married, it was difficult to find a decent looking pair of shoes. And oh I wanted them to be comfortable. I wanted them to be fliplops or sneakers-but I never had that luxury.
I went shoe shopping with my mother in law, who insisted I buy two pairs after I found a pair of peep-toe evening beauties. Apparently, it is not acceptable to wear a peep toe during the church and the state registration ceremony. According to “tradition” your “luck” can leak out of your shoes, if they are open. So we bought the dazzling peep toes for the evening ceremony in the restaurant, and we bough basic white wedding shoes for the formal part of the ceremony. To this day I am greatefull for my luck. If I did not have a second pair of shoes to change into I would have spend half of my wedding barefoot, as the strap on the highheels snapped I ran barefoot to the hotel room to change into my peep toes ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve still got both pairs stored away in my wardrobe, they are too special to be worn again.

My Cynthia is helping me stay calm, balanced and sane. Those are the shoes I wore to the city hall.

Another great pictures of my dress and my shoes: