I have grown very supersticious lately, and long before the wedding began researching what wedding superstitions had to offer. A few funny ones arose along the way:

  • Unluckly wedding days are believed to be Wednesday and Friday
  • The wedding dress has to be bought or hand made, it cannot be rented or borrowed
  • Wedding rings have to either be of white or yellow gold
  • Rain or snow during the wedding day-for luck
  • If the best man or the maid of honor is single, then the newlyweds will be happy
  • If the dress tears during the wedding, the mother in law will be mean
  • For the bride to be happy, her earings have to be put on her by a happily married friend
  • Wearing worn shoes signifies a happy marriage, hence brides are encouraged to wear their wedding shoes at home before hand
  • The first glass drank out of after being wed, should be broken-brings happiness
  • The bride is not allowed to see the groom on the morning before the wedding
  • When the newlyweds are met with bread and salt, the one who gets the largest piece will be the head of the family

To tell you the truth, we did strictly follow some of these superstitions, and some we outright ignored. Our wedding was on a Friday, we didnt have any rain on our wedding day,and my dress did tear-but I’ve got the best mother in law in the whole wide world!