September 19th was moving in on us rather fast, and so we sat down and planned, and made lists, and made lists for those lists, and stuck them on fridges, at work and everywhere else possible.

The prioprities were:
0) Dress and suit
1)Find a place and book the church
2)Order wedding invitations
3)Find a good photographer
4)Find a good cameraman
5)Book the host
6)Book a DJ
7)Book a limo
8)Write the scenario
9)Book flowers and decoration
10)Bridal Bouquet

The above accents took us on a rollercoaster ride over the months of july and august, resulting in nerveous breakdowns, dissapointments, arguements, resolutions and other unforgettable events. And I resolve to take you through the process step by step in order to uncover all the hidden bugs and jems of wedding organization.