When we sat down to narrow down the guest list, we realised the wedding is going to be a challenge. Frankly, it is impossible to write a program entertainable/traditional/fun enough to satisfy the following group of people:
-Elder Relatives
-Fellow Rockers/Bikers
-Fellow uni mates (future lawyers and presidents)
-Collegues and Bosses
-Really good friends
Rationally, no one in their right mind would dare combine metal loving bikers and elderly relatives in one room, let alone a wedding. It turns into a fiasco. How we pulled it off I cannot say.
We quickly abandoned the idea of a mountain wedding, the idea of a restaurant wedding was crossed off the list too. Although tradionally most Russian wedding take place in an elite restaurant, containing from 100 to 200 people, dance programs, hosts, singers, firework shows and usually-fights. After visiting over 10 famous wedding restaurants we had a list of
-too small
-too big
-too light
-has ugly chairs
-waiters dont speak russian
-oh please not here
-what??? 100 bucks per person???
-i would rather be at home
And then it hit us- a hotel! 🙂 The most civil, organized and convinient of all places. Too bad it occured to us in July, 3 weeks before the wedding, when most of the good hotel ballrooms were already booked….