Before beginning to plan our own, we sat down and reminisced the wedding previoulsly addended. A good friend of mine was kind enough to offer a DVD of their big day which took place just a year earlier. Those interested in cultural diversity and Russian traditions would find the below described procedures interesting and very education.
A typical Russian Wedding consists of the following:

1. “Buying Out” the bride
2. Ceremony in the City Hall
3. Church ceremony (optional, but increasingly popular)
4. Visiting monuments, historical sites or parks (laying flowers, and taking breathtaking pictures)
5. The restaurant

The above procedures include hundrets of details particular only to the Russian culture, which I will do my best to describe in colorful details. What is common in the Russian wedding with all the weddings in the world- it is carefully planned, heavily organized and ends up an impulsive chaos. ๐Ÿ™‚